Hi Luke-

Lots of great tones in this set.. Very happy with them. Wondering if you have anything that links the sounds in the video to the patches in the set. Asking, because the patches were not named, so it’s difficult to tell which patch you are playing in your videos. Does this make sense? I would like to know which patch number, in your set, goes with which sample in the video. Thanks!


Hey i downloaded the OB6 soundset. What patch numbers does it write to?

excellent work luke you made me appreciate even more why i bought the OB6 and the Prophet 6

dayzzzzzz@hotmail.com hi I just wanted to know if you will do a deal on the 2 ob6 sound sets as I can’t pick one and you know what it’s like when music makes more sense than work so money tight lol

Jesse Nelson

Good stuff! I bought and download all 3 sets for the OB-6. Great sounds and help with sysex upload. Thank you!

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