80s vs 90s Soundset for U-He Diva

Many regard the 1980s s the golden era of synthesis, likewise there are those that look back on the synth sounds of the 1990s with great fondness.
This soundset is a celebration of both of those eras.
80s vs 90s features 100 patches inspired by the synths of yesteryear including the Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim OBXa, OB8, Roland Juno 60, Roland JP8000, Yamaha DX7, Sequential Prophet 5, Yamaha CS80, Moog Minimoog, Korg MS20, Roland Jupiter 6.
Packed with vintage brasses, detuned House chords, silky strings, heavenly arps, punchy basses, creamy chords, and searing leads.
Perfect for Dance music production as well as Funk, Rock, Synthwave, Disco, Ambient and more!
80s vs 90s is a nostalgia trip on a way journey back to the old school!