Luke Neptune’s Ambient, Electronica & Trance Soundset for the DSI Rev2

Lush, Warm, Organic, Tender, Trippy, Sparkly, Ethereal…. These were among the words i had in my mind when i was making this soundset. With each patch i created i made sure that at least one of those words could be used to describe the sound i had made.

Making ‘Ambient, Electronica & Trance’ felt like an extremely natural process. The Rev2 takes to this sort of thing so well.

I hope you enjoy these sounds as much as i enjoyed making them. I hope they become a great source of inspiration.


(On purchase you will receive step by step instructions on how to load the sounds and also how to back up any of your existing patches)

-This soundset will load onto bank 4 allowing you have to have all Luke Neptune soundsets on your Rev2 at the same time-