Luke Neptune’s Soundtrack Soundset for DSI Rev2

Inspired by the sounds of movies and TV ‘Soundtrack’ is designed to be a composers swiss army knife.
Packed with atmospheric and evolving soundscapes, haunting pianos, cosmic arpeggios and wild and wonderful sound FX.
Soundtrack is ideal for movie and TV score work but can also be used for popular music. Use it on your tracks to add atmosphere, vibe, life and movement.
Soundtrack features a handful of recreations of classic sounds from classic movies and TV shows such as John Carpenter Halloween, Vangelis- Blade Runner, Stranger Things (Theme & Kids) & Brad Fiedel- The Terminator Theme.
If you looking for those sci fi sounds, those horror sounds, those distant haunting sounds, those emotional sounds…..
Look no further, Soundtrack is the one for you.

On purchase you will receive step by step instructions on how to load the sounds and how to back up any of your existing patches should you wish to.