Minimoog & Prophet 5 Synthbass Soundset for Prophet 6

With access to a real Minimoog & Prophet 5 & with months of meticulous programming utilising the Prophet 6’s vintage mode & extensive features these 50 Minimoog & Prophet 5 bass emulation patches have been made possible.

Featuring 50 Minimoog & Prophet 5 bass emulation patches ideal for making those unmistakable nostalgia inducing bass lines commonly associated with musical genres such as funk, soul, rock, jazz, pop, hip hop and more. This soundset was designed to cover all your synth bass needs. 

IMPORTANT- This soundset must be used in Vintage Mode. 

You have the choice of importing these patches to either banks 50- 099, 150- 199 or 250- 299.

(You will receive step by step instructions on how to import the soundset)