The Ultimate Rave Stab Collection

Over 600 stabs from 18 hardware synths. This is The Ultimate Rave Stab Collection!

The Ultimate Rave Stab collection is a huge sample library of over 600 hundred dance music stabs specialising in the genres of House, Techno, EDM and Rave.

The true power and unique quality of this sound pack is the ability to layer the stabs together to create your own custom stabs. Most of the stabs are in the key of C G F or A and have been carefully designed in way that makes them easy to layer with one another. For example you could take a Juno 60 chord stab, layer it with a Yamaha EX5 string stab, add a DX21 bass stab, detune them in interesting ways and so on and so on, the possibilities are endless.

As well as synths stabs The Ultimate Rave Stab Collection also features guitar stabs, bass stabs and vocal stabs opening up further still the creative opportunities.
On purchase of The Ultimate Rave Stab Collection you will receive 22 folders containing carefully organised and named wavs. Simply load these into your sampler or DAW of your choice and away you go.
Dive in and have fun!