Vintage/Classic for the OB-X8

Vintage/Classic for the OB-X8 features a huge library of classic sounds. 128 singles and 24 multis. 

The emphasis has been to create those big fat warm tones that the vintage OBs are so well known for. But it doesn’t stop there as it became clear throughout the making of this soundset that the OB-X8 is very capable of producing convincing vintage Prophet sounds as well as some surprisingly accurate Minimoog stye basses.

You’ll find many recreations of classic tracks such as Prince’s Little Red Corvette and 1999, as well many Prince style chords and leads, Van Halen’s Dreams and Jump. Rush’s Subdivisions. Lots of Jam and Lewis style patches, the Terminator lead and many more.

This synth has become my favourite synth. It just sounds so beautiful. I hope you enjoy this soundset as i’ve work harder and longer on it then any other soundset before.