Vintage/Classic Volume 3 for Prophet 6


***To get the most out of this soundset you should be running OS 1.6.6 (or any OS above) and your Prophet-6 should be in vintage mode***

***To enable vintage mode press ‘Bank Select’, then ‘Globals’, then press button number 4 and select ON. The detune knob will now become the vintage knob***

I never planned on making a volume 3 of my Vintage/Classic soundset series but when i heard the new vintage mode that comes with OS 1.6.6 i felt it only right that i create another new soundset which now comes arguably closer than ever to achieving that vintage sound. 

It was a pleasure to make these sounds. The vintage knob really has given the fantastic synth a new breath of life.

-You will receive step by step instructions on how to load the sounds-

-This soundset loads to a bank of your choice-

100 sounds inspired by the sounds of yesteryear.