Vintage/Classic Volume 3 for OB-6


***To get the most out of this soundset you should be running OS 1.6.6 (or any OS above) and your OB-6 should be in vintage mode***

***To enable vintage mode press ‘Bank Select’, then ‘Globals’, then press button number 4 and select ON. The detune knob will now become the vintage knob***

I never planned on making a volume 3 of my Vintage/Classic soundset series but when i heard the new vintage mode that comes with OS 1.6.6 i felt it only right that i create another new soundset which now comes arguably closer than ever to achieving that vintage sound. 

The way that the vintage knob changes the sound of resonant patches is just devine so i’ve included lots of wet, rezzy type sounds that really do remind me of the OBX.

I also focused a lot of my time on getting warm, smooth and organic like tones. This is an area that the OB-6 naturally doesn’t do as well as a Prophet 5 or 6 for example but i really threw myself into the challenge of creating some organic like textures that are not often associated with the OB sound. I’m happy with my results, i hope you’ll be happy too.

It was a pleasure to make these sounds. The vintage knob really has given the fantastic synth a new breath of life.

-You will receive step by step instructions on how to load the sounds-

-This soundset loads to a bank of your choice-